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Jack Frost

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Jack Frost mushrooms stand out as a unique variety of magic mushroom. Flourishing on the branches of broadleaf trees, particularly the elder tree, they exhibit distinct characteristics that set them apart. Distinguished by their brilliant white coloration and robust caps, reminiscent of freshly fallen snow, these mushrooms evoke an enchanting allure. Their gills, tinged with a bluish hue, signify their elevated psilocybin content. Jack Frost mushrooms are the offspring of a cross between two prominent variants: Albino Penis Envy and True Albino Teacher mushrooms, blending their genetic legacies to create a truly extraordinary specimen.

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Jack Frost (JF) is a ghostly-white albino strain of Psilocybe cubensis that seems to have it all — looks, potency, and contamination resistance.

This strain gets its name from the aesthetics of the fruiting bodies it produces. Jack Frost produces flat caps that curl upwards as they begin to drop a blanket of fine white spores. They look as though they’ve been covered in a dusting of fresh snow.

The gills take on a bluish hue, which is a clear indication these shrooms contain a lot of psilocybin (although recent testing data suggests it’s about average).

The fruiting bodies are medium in size, with dense stems and relatively heavy caps.

Once dried, Jack Frost mushrooms retain their ghostly white appearance for the most part. However, you may observe areas that take on a light to dark-blue coloration due to bruising that occurs during the harvest, drying, and storage process. If you handle them carefully, it’s possible to end up with milky-white mushrooms as the final product.

This is a truly stunning albino strain that’s relatively easy to grow while capable of producing decent potency if conditions are just right.

Although this mushroom is relatively rare and uncommon, the two “mother strains” — True Albino Teacher and Albino Penis Envy — are celebrity strains in their own right. Both are revered for their above-average potency.



Is it legal to purchase/possess Psilocybe cubensis (aka Magic Mushroom) Syringes in the US?

Yes (with some state exceptions: California, Georgia, and Idaho).

The Federal Controlled Substances Act bans the sale or purchase of any substance containing psilocybin (the active ingredient in mature magic mushrooms). This means that psilocybin mushrooms themselves are illegal to cultivate, sell, or trade. The Controlled Substances Act does not make any mention of the spores or mycelium of these mushrooms because:

The spores/immature early-stage mycelium of these mushrooms do not contain any psilocybin.
This is why the sale/purchase/possession of cubensis spores is legal to purchase, sell, trade, or give away in 47 states, while the cultivation of these mushrooms is illegal.

There are some specific state exceptions: California, Georgia, and Idaho have specific state amendments that prohibit the sale or possession of cubensis spores or mycelium, regardless of psilocybin content. That means that we cannot and will not fulfill any orders to California, Georgia, or Idaho that contain any of these products. This is subject to change based on changes in local legislation.