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Shakti Blue Brain – Isolated Liquid Culture – 10cc

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Shakti Blue Brain is an albino mutation of the Malabar Coast mushroom which originated from Malabar Coast, India. Being a recent variation, much about these mushrooms is still shrouded in mystery. Notable for their robust, broad stems and firm caps, under the right conditions, these mushrooms will form blue wrinkly caps that resemble a brain.

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Shakti Blue Brain magic mushrooms are renowned for their visually captivating allure, boasting vibrant blue caps intricately patterned and complemented by delicate lavender stems. Beyond their striking appearance, these mushrooms are esteemed for their profound effects, guiding users through introspective journeys that evoke both recreational joy and spiritual exploration. Each encounter invites individuals into a realm of heightened perception and deep insights, making Shakti Blue Brain a cherished ally on the journey toward self-discovery and enlightenment


Is it legal to purchase/possess Psilocybe cubensis (aka Magic Mushroom) Syringes in the US?

Yes (with some state exceptions: California, Georgia, and Idaho).

The Federal Controlled Substances Act bans the sale or purchase of any substance containing psilocybin (the active ingredient in mature magic mushrooms). This means that psilocybin mushrooms themselves are illegal to cultivate, sell, or trade. The Controlled Substances Act does not make any mention of the spores or mycelium of these mushrooms because:

The spores/immature early-stage mycelium of these mushrooms do not contain any psilocybin.
This is why the sale/purchase/possession of cubensis spores is legal to purchase, sell, trade, or give away in 47 states, while the cultivation of these mushrooms is illegal.

There are some specific state exceptions: California, Georgia, and Idaho have specific state amendments that prohibit the sale or possession of cubensis spores or mycelium, regardless of psilocybin content. That means that we cannot and will not fulfill any orders to California, Georgia, or Idaho that contain any of these products. This is subject to change based on changes in local legislation.