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Jack The Ripper – Isolated Liquid Culture – 10cc

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Albino Cubensis LC isolation of two legendary Albinos Jack Frost and Albino Riptide. This particular isolation’s genetics are found to be fast at recolonization between flushes.This isolation has blue gills from the Jack Frost genetics it contains. The stem expressions of the fruits is without a doubt carried from A. Riptide. An awesome microscopic adventure awaits!

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jack the ripper fruiting bodies

“Embark on an extraordinary journey with our Jack The Ripper LC, carefully isolated from two legendary strains, Jack Frost and Albino Riptide. This exclusive isolation showcases remarkable genetics known for their rapid recolonization between flushes. Delve into a fascinating world where the distinctive blue gills inherited from Jack Frost meet the unmistakable stem expressions reminiscent of Albino Riptide. Prepare for an unparalleled microscopic adventure!”


Is it legal to purchase/possess Psilocybe cubensis (aka Magic Mushroom) Syringes in the US?

Yes (with some state exceptions: California, Georgia, and Idaho).

The Federal Controlled Substances Act bans the sale or purchase of any substance containing psilocybin (the active ingredient in mature magic mushrooms). This means that psilocybin mushrooms themselves are illegal to cultivate, sell, or trade. The Controlled Substances Act does not make any mention of the spores or mycelium of these mushrooms because:

The spores/immature early-stage mycelium of these mushrooms do not contain any psilocybin.
This is why the sale/purchase/possession of cubensis spores is legal to purchase, sell, trade, or give away in 47 states, while the cultivation of these mushrooms is illegal.

There are some specific state exceptions: California, Georgia, and Idaho have specific state amendments that prohibit the sale or possession of cubensis spores or mycelium, regardless of psilocybin content. That means that we cannot and will not fulfill any orders to California, Georgia, or Idaho that contain any of these products. This is subject to change based on changes in local legislation.